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5 Most Common Garage Door Types Used In Both Commercial and Residential Properties

Of course, you invest immensely on the front door, windows, and everything else whereas if your home has an attached front-facing garage then that’s the one people will notice first. An overhead garage door can add to your home’s curb appeal or it can hurt your home’s appearance really bad.

So you need to choose the right garage door for your home. But how would you know what type of garage can be the most suitable for your commercial or residential property in Chattanooga?

With all these years of serving businesses and homes as a Chattanooga garage door repair and installation company, we have gathered a list of 5 most common types of garage doors. Informing a thing or two about each one of them, we think that choosing your next garage door will not be hard for you.


These are arguably the most popular garage doors in the United States. Compiled with panel sections connected through hinges, sectional garage doors have wheels on each panel that roll on a vertical track spread along each side of the door opening.

A couple of high-tension springs attached to the cables operate the door safely and keep it from drifting down when the door is partially open.

These low-maintenance and sturdy doors are built with steel and you can customize them as you like for the window inserts, textures, colors, and hardware. You can install either an insulated or a non-insulated version of these in your garage, depending upon your needs.


One of the most common commercial garage doors in the USA, roll-up garage doors are for those who find their ceiling space very limited. The no-frills design and a 2″-3″ steel slat sections in the design are built for high-performance and heavy usage. These can be made without springs or covered totally to prevent corrosion, rust, and freezing. The heavy-duty nature makes them a little expensive than the sectional designed garage doors.

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Just like their name, the slide to side bend towards one of the sides of the garage and sit parallel to the wall. These are considered one of the first garage doors that introduced style.

Running along with lower trolleys, these doors do not need balancing springs. With a built-in retractable mechanism, they are built for an automated operation.


The side-hinged, old-fashioned garage doors are still ruling many garages in the USA. Typically built with wood, these resemble the old barn doors that swing open and close through a hinged frame on either side. Now, these designs are also used by commercial properties with a more strong alternative of galvanized steel. There has been a huge demand for these classic gems recently, especially in garages that have limited headroom or other obstructions.


While working as the experts of Chattanooga garage door repair and installations, we came through many residents that have tilt-up canopy garage doors. These are not made with any sections but a single solid piece. These doors come with a pivoting hinge so they can tilt up to open and close and sit parallel to the garage ceiling.

Conclusion: We have repaired several garage doors in our extensive run in the industry. In case you own the above-mentioned or any other garage door in Chattanooga, do not hesitate to contact Garagedoors 4 U for repairs.